welcome your power

1:1 with Diana

Your ESSENce

The 1:1 Sessions are about your clear vision. From the relaxation point of your essence we will rock your lifestage. Bringing your lifeproject down to earth, so you can do what you are born to do. No more fitting in boxes but living your potential. With joy and passion you can make the change. Using traditional  tools like meditations, learning about communication and dynamics you will manifest your vision also into numbers and your energy will raise with this new mindset. 


Rockstar Mentaltraining

rock your lifestage

In this adventure you will relax, work through resistence, grow, built and shape your life and as a result you will have a life you were always dreaming of and did not know how to live before. Just by finding your inner and individual self and gift and do the thing you love to do and can be the best. The thing only you can do is your unique power. You can manifest everything you desire and feel free spirited. New Thoughts/Mind, New Feelings, New Clearity, New Communication, New Consciousness, New Success. Remembering the beauty of life, your purpose and your creations. 

High Achiever Mode

Go 4 Gold

8 Weeks per Zoom
Ask Me
  • 8 Weeks Guiding
  • 8 Sessions
  • 8 Weeks intense treat
  • 4x Free class Yoga (add on)
  • Input for the TC Initiative


6 months 1:1 treat
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  • 6 Months Guiding
  • 1:1 Individual Sessions
  • 6 Months for you
  • 6x Free class Yoga (add on)
  • Input for the TC Initiative